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Exceeded my expectations. I will immediately use these techniques in much of my work.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Excellent presentation, great group interaction.
Franklin Templeton Investments, FL
Very clear, knowledge presentation, plenty of visual aids to assist in the understanding.
Commerce Insurance Company, OH
Great Course, RSG obviously wrote the book on Business Analysis.
Health Markets, TX
This is a huge value to my job, thanks!
Symetra Financial Corporation
I would recommend this to anyone who even just "thinks" about requirements.
LaFarge Construction, France
Instructor Knowledge: 1 2 3 4 5 . . . . 10!
TTX-Heavy Equipment, IL
Wow, Wow, and Wow!
Merck, NJ
Crisp, clear, immediately useable techniques.
Medtronic-Physio - Med Devices, WA
Extreme knowledge clearly presented.
Cargill - International Agriculture
    Make RSG Your Provider of Choice

    If Requirements Are the Problem, RSG Is the Solution!

    RSG Business TeamWhether expressed in business and stakeholder requirements, user stories and use cases, or process diagrams and data models, your requirements define your future. Without them, that future is random and chaotic.

    RSG can teach you and your people how to write effective requirements in all of the diverse forms from high-level business requirements expressed as goals and objectives to specific solution requirements, from user stories to use cases, from process and data models to workflows and knowledge base designs. Good requirements not only define the future, they guide the transition process to ensure that your vision becomes reality.

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    Customer Miyuki Masuda, Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE wrote in May 2014:

    "…, having completed the massive 2-month training marathon for 120 participants, each attending 5 days. I’m grateful that everything went well, and that Dan was able to deliver all classes… [the participants] …talked about the well-structured, well-thought-through training contents. We find that your course was not one of those mass products quickly put together, but it was like an old tree grown with authenticity and experience. For those keen to learn, there was a lot to discover. They returned to their jobs with courage to try new techniques, and daring to ask questions where needed."


    User Stories Workshop
    User Story Workshop Facilitation
    Capture business requirements and user stories in a 1-5 day workshop.
    JRP/JAD Session Facilitation
    Joint Requirements Planning Facilitation
    Jumpstart your major projects with strategic business analysis in a JRP/JAD session.
    Coaching and Mentoring
    Business Analysis Mentoring and Coaching
    Get personalized business analysis guidance from our experienced mentors.
    Online and Onsite Consulting
    Online and Onsite Consulting Services
    Hire our experienced business analysts for fast results and knowledge transfer.


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